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Sunday, June 29, 2008

25 Ways to WIn With People

1. Start with yourself

2. Practice the 30 second rule

3. Let people know you need them

4. Create a memory and visit it often

5. Compliment people in front of other people

6. Give others a reputation to uphold

7. Say the right words at the right time

8. Encourage the dreams of others

9. Pass the credits to others

10. Offer you very best

11. Share a secret with someone

12. Mine the gold of good intentions

13. Keep your eyes of the mirror

14. Do for others what they can't do for themselves

15. Listen with your heart

16. Find the way to their hearts

17. Be the first to help

18. Add value to people

19. Remember a person's story

20. Tell a good story

21. Give with no strings attached

22. Learn your mailman's name

23. Point out people strengths

24. Write notes of encouragement

25. Help people win

p/s: Thanks to Shueq..blogger awal2 sampai 'stress' yang amat sangat..terjumpalah blog shueq..sampai sekarang kami masih 'keep in touch motivate each other' untuk sama2 menjadikan hidup ini lebih indah dan juga menyahut seruan untuk bahagia di akhirat nanti..Insya Allah"


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