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Friday, July 11, 2008

Struggling phase...

Assalamu'alaikum wrt wbrth.. In the phase of struggling for myself, I have nothing to say..just to quote received email from Andrew Matthews..Hope it works for anybody reads and me, myself too.

Hi jieismail,


Where do we get the idea that if WE don't forgive people, THEY suffer?
It's nuts!

Let's say:
a) You are my boss and you give me the sack, or
b) You are my girl and you run off with my best friend.

So I say, "I'll NEVER forgive you!"
Who suffers?

I get the knot in my stomach.
I lose the sleep.
You are probably out partying!

While I resent you, I SUFFER!
Meanwhile I tell myself, "I'm right!"
But being "RIGHT" doesn't guarantee happiness.

Here's the point ...
To forgive someone, you don't have to AGREE with what they did.
You just have to want your life to work.

You don't forgive people for THEIR benefit.
You do it for YOUR benefit.

So this is your mission for the next 24 hours:

Think of someone that has hurt you.
Just today, practise letting go of all resentment toward them.

Gather all your ANGRY thoughts -
those "I am right and they are wrong" thoughts,
and let them go.

You may like to use your creative imagination ...
.. put all that resentment into an imaginary balloon,
and let it float away.

Throughout the day, repeat the process.
You will feel better.

Forgiving people may be tough, but is possible.
You forgive people for YOUR benefit.
It makes YOU happier.

Best wishes,

Andrew Matthews.

Andrew Matthews is a bestselling author and international corporate speaker. His books are published in 31 languages.


  • At July 11, 2008 at 1:40 PM , Blogger sweetnur-ae-sya said...

    forgiving people is tough,though still it is possible to forgive people whom has hurt you by any chance,..

    but forgetting people whom has hurt you, tougher than what people might thought! hmm

    nice advice indeed, agree in certain part of authors point of view


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